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Success stories

FICOBA EVENTOS Y SERVICIOS offers you the guarantee of a unique infrastructure and a personalised service. FICOBA has been hosting a wide variety of innovative and unique events since October 2003. In staging galas, presentations, congresses, fairs, exhibitions, concerts, dinners and lunches for large groups and a whole host of other events, we have gained an in-depth understanding of the objectives and needs of our clients. Come and find out more about the leading events we have hosted.

EROSKI: annual Worker Member Meetings
The organising company described their event as follows: 'On 7 June Eroski S. Cooperativa held its annual Worker Member Meetings in Pavilion 1 of Ficoba, with an attendance of 1,100 Cooperative members. The organisation and the event itself ran perfectly smoothly'.
Citisoluciones Conference
The Citisoluciones Group organised an open day for more than 750 people.
Convention for Herta-Nestlé Group
Over the course of three days 150 delegates from Paris met at FICOBA’s Hall 1, where a rugby stadium had been created to provide the setting for all the group’s meetings.
The Pyrenees Working Committee
More than 200 delegates from Aragon, Catalonia, Euskadi, Navarre, Andorra, Aquitaine, Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees and various media outlets came together at the FICOBA Auditorium.
Kutxa Management Seminars
The savings bank reserved FICOBA’s main building for more than 200 of its executives, who used the Topo train service to reach the venue from San Sebastian.
ABLA 2007: Workshop: “The need to create relationship systems between small businesses with a view to expanding beyond the local market and accessing a more global market,” by Pietro CHASSEUR
FICOBA’s multi-functional rooms boast all the technical facilities required to stage seminars and conferences: simultaneous interpreting system, video-projection system, communications equipment, etc.
BIOTERRA 2007: A round table on the creation of environmentally friendly school canteens
Held as part of BIOTERRA 2007: The Ecological Products, Eco-Friendly Construction, Renewable Energies and Responsible Consumption Fair.
General agreement for economic development and job creation in Irun
BIDASOA ACTIVA organised a series of forums and workshops involving businesses with a view to fostering communication, identifying common interests and encouraging different forms of collaboration.
7th Atlantic Logistic Forum
The seventh edition of the Atlantic Logistic Forum (ALF 2010), the Professional Transport and Logistics Forum for the Atlantic Arc, was held at the Ficoba exhibition grounds.
The PLAE's symposium about road transport
Organised by the Aquitaine - Euskadi Logistics Platform (PLAE) AEIE, a cross-border symposium on road transport was held at Ficoba.
Conferences and seminars in the framework of the fair e-xpologistica
Meetings and demonstrations along with exhibition area constituted the offer of the third edition of e-xpologística
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