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Hall 3

With a column-free floor area of 2,071m² and a height of 12m, Hall 3 has a number of easily accessible entrances for loading/unloading and is equipped with the most modern services and equipment. Hall 3 is directly connected to the External Exhibition Area by means of seven access doors.

Floor area

  • Total exhibition area: 2.071 m²


  • Structure: metal and reinforced concrete
  • Ceiling height: 12,00 m
  • Maximum height of doors: 6,00 m
  • Maximum width of doors: 4,80 m
  • Floor load: 2.500 kg/m²
  • Seven 2.5m emergency exit doors
  • Two corridors leading to Hall 2


  • Air conditioning, heating and air-recycling system
  • Electricity supply: 400 III V/230 II V (available on a permanent basis)
  • Voice and data
  • TV antenna
  • Water and drainage points
  • Exclusive toilet facilities
  • Exclusive 122 m² store room with separate access

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Ibilaldi birtuala 3 pabiloian barrena.


3 pabiloia Kanpoalderako sarbidearekin
Pabiloi guztiak elkarri lotuak daude.
2071 m² azalera zutaberik gabe.
Erakusketariek soilik erabiltzeko biltegia eta kamioientzako sarbideak.
3 pabiloia Kanpoaldetik
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