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Success stories

FICOBA EVENTOS Y SERVICIOS offers you the guarantee of a unique infrastructure and a personalised service. FICOBA has been hosting a wide variety of innovative and unique events since October 2003. In staging galas, presentations, congresses, fairs, exhibitions, concerts, dinners and lunches for large groups and a whole host of other events, we have gained an in-depth understanding of the objectives and needs of our clients. Come and find out more about the leading events we have hosted.

International Dog Show
First held at FICOBA in 2004, the international dog show attracts over 700 breeders and around 4,000 visitors every day.
Along with the European Skateboarding Championship, this action-sports, surfing, biking and skateboarding show has become a must-see event for lovers of all these pursuits.
MENDIEXPO: the cross-border mountain, skiing, adventure, travel and sailing show
The mountains and skiing have provided the focal point of Mendiexpo since it first came into being.
Extremoduro in concert
Extremaduran rock group Extremoduro staged a concert in the outer area of the Exhibition Centre, which covers more than 6,000m².
Vintage Car Show
This show, staged in a 12,000m² exhibition space, attracts exhibitors from all over Spain and Europe.
The Eurocity Children’s Christmas Park
Since 2003 over 15,000 children head to the Christmas Park at FICOBA every Christmas to enjoy a host of activities, games and fairground stands.
Krea Bidasoa: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity
Bidasoa Activa hosted the third edition of the Krea Bidasoa Fair with the purpose of making the latest business trends known.
Human Bodies: the exhibition
From January until April 2011, Ficoba´s Hall 1 turned into an exhibition hall, housing the exhibition “Human Bodies”.
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