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External exhibition area

Boasting a floor area of 6,500m², this zone has a separate entrance to the rest of the Centre, as well as entrances at the rear for loading/unloading. The external exhibition area is monitored by closed-circuit television and is equipped with voice and data connections, water and drainage points and electrical sockets, all of them independent of the other halls. It is directly connected to Hall 3 via seven access doors.

Structure and capacity

  • Length: 107.00 m
  • Width: 69.00 m
  • Vehicle access door: 3.5 m
  • Flooring: tarmac
  • Floor load: 4.500 kg/m²


  • Separate visitor entrance door.
  • Electricity supply: 400 III V/230 II V (available on a permanent basis)
  • Voice and data (cable and WIFI)
  • Water and drainage points
  • Separate ambient lighting
  • Handicapped access

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6.500 m²-ko kanpo erakusketa.
Kanpoaldeko erakusketa gunea
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