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Krea Bidasoa: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

Bidasoa Activa hosted the third edition of the Krea Bidasoa Fair with the purpose of making the latest business trends known, exchanging experiences and providing information about the existing support systems with regards to launching businesses and competitiveness in the Bidasoa region.

Ficoba´s entire first floor was exclusively reserved to host the scheduled lectures and workshops. The lectures took place in 1+2 and VIP meeting rooms. The first floor hall became a multipurpose space, where in addition to housing the workshops “Logo Serious Play” and “El coche de papel”, it also held the following workspaces:

  • Multimedia space
  • “Kre-activa tu deseo” noticeboard
  • Graphic exhibition

In order to ease attendance, a babysitting service was provided for children under the age of ten at Ficoba´s children´s play area.



Krea Bidasoa: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity


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