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Connected multi-purpose rooms

The Multi-Purpose Rooms are designed to host meetings, conventions and seminars and are equipped with all the requisite audiovisual resources. They also boast natural lighting.

Floor area

  • Total floor area: 131.56 m²

Structure and capacity

  • Width of room: 9.20 m
  • Length: 14.3 m
  • Height: 3.70 m
  • Theatre mode: 100 people


  • Air conditioning, heating and air-recycling system.
  • Electricity supply: 230 II V (available on a permanent basis).
  • Voice and data (cable and WIFI).
  • TV antenna.
  • Simultaneous interpretation booth.
  • Conference PA system, projection booth, video projector, 2x2m screen.
  • Natural light (adjustable levels).

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Virtual visit to multipurpose room 1.


Rooms 1+2, theatre layout..
Halls 1 and 2 joined. When separated, they have a capacity for 45 people each.
Natural light sources.
A hydraulic wall can be used to separate halls 1 and 2.
Rooms 1+2, meeting layout
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